A Day in the Life – Vintage Hacks

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Vintage Style, Patterns and Vintage Stuff
” Vintage Hacks ”

Good morning! Here’s my list if what I nee d and want to accomplish…..
Wake up – check
Coffee – check
Make list of goals
Check Facebook – Website
Pattern Treasure Chest – Group
Pattern Treasure Chest – Page
Pattern Treasure Chest – Website/blog
Glance through personal page and notifications from groups
Try to answer questions, take pictures and post some “hopefully clever or insiteful responses!” Try to post some information on my Website/blog, group or page.
More Coffee – check

“These next couple items should really be titled” – (Week in the Life!) – this is where everything goes off in so many different directions! I spent 2 days sorting through totes and boxes looking for everything I need to begin my new projects.

Sort sewing patterns to add to my shop – find patterns to make some new little projects – specifically looking for:
Girls and Ladies Muffs, Scarves and Capes
Need – Outer layer
Cord – Ribbon

Sort through totes to find fabric on hand – destashing in progress
Find – Faux fur, heavy “warm – soft” fleece, wool, Velvet
Colors – White
Several prints – winter colors
Find – linings – satins

So I’ve narrowed the patterns down to several different ones.

Brought the totes out with the fabric to my office/dining room table.

Collected my pin cushion and my sewing shears I’m ready to get started cutting.
Decided I’m going to start cutting Muffs!

Every little girl needs a dressy little muff even if it’s just for playing dress up! Karyn and Astrid both love the one I made to play with at Gramma’s house. I’ve made several test ones, finally settled on the one to add to my shop.

My process…..
Get pattern piece “Outer piece” ready for cutting. Press them with a warm iron so they are nice and flat.
Lay out fabric, pin pattern on fabric and start cutting. Repeat this process on each of the different fabrics. Gray – textured, Gray – faux fur, White – fluffy- fluffy fleece.

Ok time to cut the black ones…… I have this black faux fur or crushed velvet coat that I’m going to cut up for these muffs. I’ve been saving it in this tote just for this project. This is where all things start heading off on a whole new tangent. As I’m inspecting the jacket about the best way to make use if the fabric I realize just how beautiful it is. I now decide that I should inspect this coat a little more closely. Does it have any tags? Hmmm yes it has 1 — ILGWU – Intl. Ladies Garment Workers Union … no other labels or tags – Google search . Interesting this tag is one that was used between 1964 through 1974. Score vintage coat must try this on! Oh no, it doesn’t fit, it’s too small. Do a more thorough inspection of the coat. Sure is pretty ! Not sure what the fabric is ….. it appears to be some sort of “velvet” it’s textured and black. It has a high collar folded over so it stands up and a decorative bow at the collar snap. Three snaps for the front closure “all original” , side seam pockets, 3/4 length sleeves, the length falls right around the knee. The lining is a black satin and in perfect condition no tears or stains. I can’t bring myself to cut this beautiful coat. So, I post the info to several of my different sewing and vintage clothing groups to see if I can find out anymore information.

I’m now at a stand still on cutting out muffs…. well at least black ones. I did manage to get 10 outer pieces cut before moving on to the black. So much for upcycling the black coat for now. I still need to cut out the lining and pockets for the ones I have cut.

Attempting to run a very small business online is challenging and fun. I don’t have a desktop computer so I alternate between my tablet and phone. It makes for a handy office because it is accessible anytime I have a spare minute. The downside of using my phone for running my business is that people think that I am just socializing when I am on here. The other downfall of using my phone is that when I do get phone calls, or messages while I am working, I have to stop what I’m doing to see who it is. Boy are there a lot of telemarketers out there. Also, having family members and grandkids who may need to get in touch with me, I have to make sure it is not an emergency. Being the only person attempting to run this business means that the only way anything is going to get done is if I do it. I’m not complaining because this is what I choose to do because it’s flexible and allows me Gramma time when possible.
So after I stop to see what’s up I get to start all over. But, the remainder of my day was spent doing research, answering questions, phone calls and messenger.

Knowing what days are Gramma days helps! I try to plan my “work” around that schedule. Because “Gramma days” really are the best!